My Fiverr gig:

I do beta reading and developmental editing primarily for fantasy books.  I don't care to read about toxic alpha males as love interests or about sexual violence (I can see it as part of a character's background that makes them who they are, but I don't want to read about that violence in action), so if your book has those, I'm not the beta reader for you. But if you write epic, cosy, or urban fantasy, I'd like to take a look at your book. I don't mind erotica, either. I even enjoy the occasional scifi-book, especially when it combines with fantasy. Think Gideon the Ninth. Necromancy in space! How cool is that?

When I beta read a book, I write in-line notes, with my notes tending to be stream of consciousness items--things that your work makes me think about, places I laughed, places where I was confused or frustrated, etc. I find as an author, this approach really works for me, because I often wonder what readers are thinking when they read my books, and whether the funny parts are hitting home or not. Or if the sad is coming off sad or it's coming off in some other way. I will point out patterns I find in-line, for example: filler words like just, really, and so on. I'll point out just enough so that you can see the pattern and then I will stop, because marking up an entire book is the work of a line-editor, and I am not one of those.

I can do line editing, but it is incredibly time consuming and thus very expensive. It's cheaper to get the lifetime licenses of ProWritingAid and Autocrit and use them BOTH first before you send your work off for editing, because you will clean up most of the issues editors will be pointing out, save time, and save yourself a whole lot of money over the lifetime of your editing software licenses. And I recommend using both of them, because they each have strengths the other does not have. And no, I do not have any affiliate arrangement with that editing software; I'm just trying to help save you money.  (Hmm.... maybe I should look into becoming an affiliate. I recommend those programs often enough...)

After I read through and do my in-line notes, I write up the beta reading and editorial document. That document will have my notes and concerns. I can also address questions that you give me in advance, as long as there aren't too many or the questions don't require me to write essays to answer each.

Beta reading and developmental editing are not the same thing, but I find when I beta read, I actually do a lot of developmental editing. I see where the issues are, and I can give you plenty of good advice. I have a snarky sense of humor, but I'm never unkind and NEVER personal about any of my critiques; no name calling or saying something is stupid or bad or any of that kind of thing. That is a writer confidence killer right there, and I want you to succeed, not bring you down. 

My credentials? I have a film degree with an emphasis in screenwriting. Character development and dialogue are my jam. In the process of learning how to write scripts, I had to learn story structure, story archetypes, character archetypes, and what makes a good story. This last year and a half as I focused my attention on novels, I attended so many writing craft workshops, conferences and summits and I've read so many craft books that my brain is stuffed. I feel like I went to grad school  and got my masters in creative writing (my bank account agrees). Currently I'm working on my own epic fantasy series, and have published the prequel to that.

I work through Fiverr and offer a basic, standard, and premium package, with some optional add-ons. Right now, I'm offering discounted rates as I build my business, and those rates will go up after my first few clients. So contact me asap if you want a good deal, before I get booked up!

My Fiverr gig: