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I Sold a Short Story!

I Sold a Short Story!
Aug 11, 2023 by HL Bernabe

Great News!

In July, I submitted my short story “Black Velvet Ghost” to December Tales II, an anthology of ghost stories set to be published by Curious Blue Press in November. The very next day after I sent the email, the editor contacted me and told me he wanted it! Woohoo! A few days later, we signed the contract.

Bunkom and the Enchanted Spectacles

Bunkom and the Enchanted Spectacles
Mar 31, 2023 by HL Bernabe




I played around on Canva to come up with some covers for a short story I've got on Book Funnel. My favorite is number two. He looks like he's got a colander on his head. Most other people I've talked to say they like number four. What's your favorite? Put it in the comments!

My discord writing group ladies are a fabulous bunch. When I ask for help, they are always happy to give it. This time, I asked for a prompt, because I want to write more short stories. I was given this: a dwarf character named Bunkom, enchanted spectacles, and a bit of dialogue, "I didn't see that coming." I had to incorporate all three into my story. That...