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Paragons of Virtue

Being the only female acolyte in a demon-worshipping cult has its better moments.

The Association of Benevolent Individuals and Good-Hearted Obedient Representatives (ABIGOR) mostly ignore their only female acolyte, only sharing with her the "glory" of women's work. So Acolyte Clara-Beth dusts and cleans and puts up with occasional harassment by male cultists who won't take no for an answer.

One day, Brother Cain gives her a task: pilot the getaway boat for Acolyte Deud and Acolyte Bart, who are going to retrieve a package for a very important ritual. This is her chance to show them she is more than what ABIGOR bargained for. She has been planning for this moment for months.
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By Her Grace
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If you liked Legends and Lattes, or the work of TJ Klune, you'll love this novella.

Halfling chef Paisley Dell lives in Aspenwood, a small town at the meeting of two major trade roads. The Dells own the Rosebud Inn and are pillars of the halfling community.

Paisley is happy, but… something is missing. She feels unfulfilled and restless. On her Becoming Day, she meets a mysterious young human, pregnant and on the run, and through her Paisley glimpses a world she desperately wishes she could know. A world of spice, elves, and exotic, faraway places.

With every recipe Prilani teaches her, Paisley’s desire to save her new friend from her pursuer grows, too. Protecting Prilani means facing an evil she has never known. Is the risk worth it?
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Bunkom and the Enchanted Spectacles

Bunkom Dondolir Broadchin, legendary dwarf warrior and King's Champion, retires to enjoy the fruits of his adventuring labors. But when Bertha informs him she's pregnant with his seventh wee one, Bunkom finds the call to adventure too hard to resist. He made a vow to his wife that his monster-slaying days were behind him, so he begs his god to help him with a solution. 

Dakhad answers his prayers. The results aren't what he was expecting.

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