By Her Grace Cover Reveal

Dec 09, 2022 by HL Bernabe, in By Her Grace

The cover is finished, and now I'm just waiting for the formatting to get done. Hopefully, they will have it formatted before the end of the year! I'm so stinking excited! I can't wait to share my novella with you all.

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Here's the blurb:

Halfling chef Paisley Dell lives in Aspenwood, a small town at the meeting of two major trade roads. The Dells own the Rosebud Inn and are pillars of the halfling community.

Paisley is happy, but... something is missing. She feels unfulfilled and restless. On her Becoming Day, she meets a mysterious young human, pregnant and on the run, and through her Paisley glimpses a world she desperately wishes she could know. A world of spice, elves, and exotic, faraway places.

As their friendship grows with every recipe Prilani teaches her, Paisley's desire to save her from her pursuer grows, too. Paisley must make some life-changing choices and face terrible danger. Is the risk worth it?