My kiddo Kaz was making themselves a grilled cheese sandwich and called out to me in the other room. They asked, "Do you want a grilled cheese?" I totally misheard them, and thought they said, "Do you want a grunchey?" I didn't know what a grunchey was, so I went to the kitchen to see what was up. Kaz clarified what they were offering to cook, and we got a good laugh out of my misunderstanding.

But... the word totally made sense for the sandwich. It's grilled, crunchy, and melty/gooey with cheese. Thus, a grunchey! We've been calling it a grunchey ever since. 

That love of gruncheys made it into my epic fantasy books. One of Paisley's go-to comfort foods is a grunchey. Though she likes hers with bacon added for a smoky, salty kick. 

How do you like your gruncheys?