Inspiration and Ideas

Mar 15, 2024 by HL Bernabe, in Writing Related Stuff
This is my brain on inspiration.
It's best to stay away and let me do my thing.

Inspiration. Where does it come from? One of my TV writing instructors told our class that “Success equals ass in chair.” I think that sometimes inspiration means the same thing. Sometimes I won’t know what to write, but my butt is in the chair and I’m doodling around on the computer, and I’ll write a few sentences and a few sentences more, and then something will come to mind, and then something else, and next thing I know, I have a short story idea with fully fledged characters. It just… happens. The process is organic, and stories grow little tendrils of roots and leaves like inspiration seedlings.

Other times, inspiration comes from things I see in the day to day. Or something on TV or in a book will get my mind whirring. Sometimes it’s a conversation with a friend or coworker.

Then, of course, there is the inspiration that comes at the worst times, when I don’t have a pen or anything to record my ideas. A walk in the woods. In my dreams. In the shower. Times when I’m dishabille or otherwise indisposed. I’ll tell myself, “Self, remember that bit. That was hilarious. You need to use it in the book.” And of course, Self does NOT remember the important funny bit that made me laugh so hard I snorked like a pig. It's so frustrating when that happens.

Occasionally, I remember those odd bits of inspired ideation, and they make it into my writing. It’s gratifying when that happens.

I've had some inspiration when dealing with my rewrites and edits of Cooking Up Magick, but I'm still only about halfway done. I'm hoping that the flow of ideas will continue coming to me as I work on it. I feel like stuff keeps coming up that puts my work on hold. And while my editing gig work is helping me pay for the publishing of my books, it can wait for a time. I'm listing myself as unavailable. The gigs can resume after I finish my edits. So that’s my plan for the rest of March and April. I’ll be curled up in my room, ignoring everyone else, and working on my book. I want it done, dammit.