A Little Serenity

Mar 28, 2024 by HL Bernabe, in Throwback Thursday
At least, I think it was in Colorado.  Mmmmmm…yep.  I’m pretty sure it was in Colorado.  Anyway, I was driving and Mother Nature called.  In more ways than one.  The facilities were those icky pit style toilets.  But I felt I was fairly compensated for the lack of regular toilets by the scenery.

Here’s a little story–a conversation with myself, as it were–over what I found:

Neat rock formations in Colorado

My Inner Child (MIC):  OOOH!  Cool rocks!  I wanna climb them!

My Grown Up, Responsible Self (MGURS): No.  You are in the middle of nowhere all by your lonesome.  Not a smart move.

Don’t these rocks look like ginormous fossilized dinosaur droppings
that have eroded over millenia into their current state?

MIC:  Why not?

MGURS:  Because, if you fall, no one will hear you scream or come to your rescue.

MIC:  *snorting*  That’s what cell phones are for.

MGURS:  If you look at your cell phone, you will notice there is no cell reception out here in the middle of B.F.E. Colorado.

MIC:  Oh.  But look!  There are really great handholds and lots of places to stick your feet, and everything!


MIC:  And look!  Isn’t this the Coolest. Thing. Ever?

MGURS:  No.  You are not going to climb the rocks.  Not even the little ones that look like dinosaur excrement.

MIC:  *spluttering*  But, but….Look!  Look at them!  These look like so much fun to climb!  I don’t care at all that they look like dino poo.  Can I climb them, pretty please?


MIC:  Hey, what’s that?  *pointing upwards*

MGURS:  Wha-?  Ow!  Sun in my eyes!

*MIC trying to quickly ascend a rock while MGURS is temporarily blinded*

MGURS:  Get the hell off that!  Just ‘cuz I can’t see for the sunspots in my eyes doesn’t mean I can’t hear you!  Get down now!!

MIC:  Awwww….  Don’t be such a cact-ass.

MGURS: Okay, we’ve checked out the cool rocks and they are beautiful.  We have a schedule to keep.  Let’s get a move on.

MIC:  *petulant*  I can’t.  I’m going to follow directions for once and enjoy a little of just what that rock right there is telling me to enjoy.

MGURS:  Once and for all, you are NOT going to climb the rock!

MIC:  Nope, I’m going to sit down and enjoy a little of it.

MGURS:   Gaah!  You are impossible!  A little of what?  What is the rock telling you to enjoy?

MIC:  See for yourself.

Whereupon both my inner child and my grown up, responsible self agreed and I did.  For a few moments, at least, until the biting flies reminded me I had a load to deliver.

The End.