Life Stuff...I'm Baaaaack!

Jun 13, 2023 by HL Bernabe, in Life Stuff

Hello! Long time no see. I dropped off the face of the earth for a while, and now I’m back. Where was I? Home, mostly, on “vacation” working my butt off. My roommate moved out, and I moved into his room, plus I emptied my garage, deep cleaned my entire apartment, moved my office from the dining room to my bedroom, so that I can now work in a private area instead of the living area, donated a couple of carloads of stuff to charity, took a load of stuff to the dump, organized all my closets and pantry, and I recycled more boxes than I can count. (Why DO I save all those boxes from stuff I purchased online for “just in case” long past warranty?)

Oh, and I did a massive amount of cooking so that I could fill up my standup freezer with already portioned homemade “TV” dinners. I’m exhausted. I gave blood to the cooking gods, and sacrificed both thumbs, with a slice on the left one by a very sharp knife, and I cheese-gratered the knuckle of my right thumb. The slice bled more, but the cheese-gratered thumb hurt like a sumbitch. My poor knuckle is missing a chunk of flesh. At least I got enough cooking done that we should be set for at least four to six weeks of meals before I have to do another round of cooking.

I hate cooking every day. It’s such a chore. I enjoy cooking when I’m entertaining people, but just for me, or just for me and my kiddo, bleah. Ew. I prefer to do a bunch at once. Saves time and energy that way.

I did a few writer-related things, though. Beginning in May, I moved my website from WordPress to Pub-Site. I have to say that the process was very easy, and I navigated the entire thing in a matter of days instead of months like it took me to set up my WordPress site. Their customer service and tech support are phenomenal, and so far, I’m very impressed. If you want to set up a website, I can’t recommend them enough.

I also wrote a short story with my kiddo for the AutoCrit challenge in May. It was so much fun! I’ll share that later, after my critique group finishes their critiques and I’m done with the edits. My kiddo asked me what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day, and that was what I asked for. Kaz has fantastic ideas and is so creative. I love that we can work together on something like this.

Now that my space is in order, and my apartment clean and tidy, I’m feeling a powerful urge to get back into my work. I miss it! My hope is to knock out my rewrites for book one by the middle of July. I think end of July is more realistic. We’ll see!