Rayleon Whipclaw

Jul 22, 2022 by HL Bernabe, in Cooking Up Magick , RPGs

A Legend Is Born

Thanks to David Selbert and Pexels for the image.

I hadn't played DnD in years, since my hubby and I usually played the White Wolf system. After he passed away, I missed gaming, and I checked into the local DnD meetup group. I went to a few of those and joined a campaign shortly before the pandemic started.

I played Rayleon Whipclaw, an Aäriadri Tabaxi (a house-cat sized cat-person). She had to be a rogue, of course, and she was a ton of fun to play. Think Puss-n-Boots, with a ginormous cavalier hat, and short cloak. Through my lucky rolls, she constantly dodged death, and saved her teammate's asses repeatedly. Her head got pretty darn big as a result. Some risks she took were stupid, but since she always came out unscathed (mostly), she thought she was invincible... As a result, she got swallowed by a purple worm. Thankfully, I remembered she had some explosives on hand, and again Rayleon miraculously survived. We all thought she was going to be a goner for sure that time. It was great fun!

Mid-campaign, we had to switch to zoom meetings because the pandemic shut everything down. I had pitched my idea to the guys for a peppy halfling chef on a cooking quest who doesn't know squat about magick suddenly coming into magick--letting off sparks, doing magick at inopportune times, with no control whatsoever... I thought she would be fun as a potential future character and the guys thought it sounded hilarious.

Zoom games were a pain in the butt, though, and once the campaign was over, we didn't play again until a few months ago. But the halfling chef idea still kept burbling in my brain and I missed Rayleon. So instead of playing Paisley Dell, I took advantage of all the free time I had during the pandemic and I wrote an epic fantasy about her. Now Rayleon gets to live forever amid the pages as the halfling's magickal familiar.

Have you loved a character so much that you had to immortalize them in a story? I'd love to hear about it in the comments.