Why Buy Expensive Cat Toys, When Cats Are Content with Bags and Boxes?

Aug 05, 2022 by HL Bernabe, in Kitty Corner

Have you ever spent money on kitty toys to keep your furry friend active and happy, only to find them ignoring them? And then, they play with things that were seriously cheap or even free?

Witness the grocery tote. I bought some of these reusable box-like bags for grocery shopping, and I swear, every time I come home from the store, my cats must immediately climb inside them. It doesn't matter if I haven't finished unloading the groceries or not. They must try the bag-box out for size. It's a bag! It's a box! It's kitty temptation times 3000! Right after I took this pic, they decided each other's box-bag was better, and switched sides.

And then there are the packing boxes. I do my fair share of online shopping. Dealing with the pandemic made me realize how convenient it is, so whatever I can get for the household online, I try to do. I received a box of something once; I don't even remember what, and the item was small and packed in an enormous box with a bunch of brown packing paper smooshed into it so it wouldn't rattle around.

My kitties were instantly in love. It is, hands down, their favorite toy. I leave the box in the living room with all the stuffing inside of it, and will come home from work to find the stuffing pulled out and spread around the living room. I also have a basket of kitty toys, and they have figured out how to get their little toy mice and critters out, and they scatter them under the paper, as if they are hiding their "kills."

Now if only I could train them to put their toys away when they are done.

What are your cat's favorite toys? Are they the simple pleasures, like a paper bag or a box? A laser pointer? My cats love that, too. Dnd dice? My kitties love those. They are great for finding the dice I accidentally drop and lose. They'll very considerately leave them out in the middle of the living room floor for me to step on barefoot and find.

Let me know in the comments what your fur-babies love! I would love to hear your story about your pets and errant DnD dice...