December Tales II

Oct 13, 2023 by HL Bernabe

A while back, I think I mentioned that I sold a short story to an anthology that is coming out sometime in November. Well, I got word that December Tales II is now available for preorder! Get it at Amazon. If you have Kindle Unlimited, it will be free, but otherwise is $4.95.

My story "Black Velvet Ghost" follows a long-haul trucker disconnected from her heritage who gets unexpected company on her journey: a ghostly old Native American woman.

For this story, I wrote outside my typical fantasy genre and instead wrote a story of the supernatural. It's a delightful change from my usual fare, since I'm usually all about dialogue and friendships. Here, my driver is alone for the vast majority of the story, and I focus more on the setting and her memories. It's eerie and likely to make your skin crawl. Even better, the story is based on my experiences as a long-haul trucker driving the same routes this driver does in my story. Maybe that's why the scenes feel so real. Check it out! Preorder your copy today!