The Box Says It All

The Box Says It All
Aug 26, 2022 by HL Bernabe

Kitty in a box. Tribble just can't help herself. Amazon scores a win on this one.

Forward Progress

Aug 19, 2022 by HL Bernabe

I received my developmental edits back for my epic fantasy book, Cooking Up Magick. Overall, my editor had very positive things to say, so that was a relief. Of course, every manuscript has things to work on, though. So, I let it percolate in my brain for a couple of weeks, and then my kiddo was gracious enough to brainstorm with me about my editor's notes to come up with solutions and ways to improve the book.

(I swear my kid is my muse. In the ideas department, they are amazing. I'm so blessed to have such an amazingly creative kiddo. I love you, sweetie! You have my undying gratitude!)

I have been plugging away at them ever since. I'm about...

The Sidekicks Initiative Audiobook Review

Aug 12, 2022 by HL Bernabe

Oh, my goodness. This book, y'all. I couldn't stop laughing. Now, just so you know, it is really hard to get me to laugh out loud while reading a book, even a funny one. Usually, I smile and nod, or maybe I'll do a small chuckle once in a while. But this book made me guffaw, snort, and laugh out loud—sometimes hysterically. And it did this to me many, many times over the course of the book.

Part of the hilarity comes from the premise of the book. The government comes calling on retired sidekicks after their heroes get murdered by an unknown villain of incredible power. The three sidekicks are: Sam (aka Kid Random) whose power is to change reality...

Why Buy Expensive Cat Toys, When Cats Are Content with Bags and Boxes?

Why Buy Expensive Cat Toys, When Cats Are Content with Bags and Boxes?
Aug 05, 2022 by HL Bernabe
Have you ever spend money on kitty toys to keep your furry friend active and happy, only to find them ignoring them? And then, they play with things that were seriously cheap or even free?Witness the grocery tote. I bought some of these reusable box-like bags for grocery shopping, and I swear, every time I come home from the store, my cats must immediately climb inside them. It doesn't matter if I haven't finished unloading the groceries or not. They must try the bag-box out for size. It's a bag! It's a box! It's kitty temptation times 3000! Right after I took this pic, they decided each other's box-bag was better, and switched sides.

And then there are the packing...

Squee! A DnD Movie!

Jul 29, 2022 by HL Bernabe

This looks like so much fun. I'm sure purists will point out all the things that are wrong that they see in the trailer (it's a reaaaally bad idea to jump into a gelatinous cube), but I really don't give a rat's ass about that. I don't care if a druid isn't supposed to turn into an owlbear. I believe rules are just guidelines in any RPG. For me, the story is the most important aspect. If someone turning into an owlbear makes for an excellent spectacle and adds to the story, then whee! Let's do it. The whole point of roleplaying in fantastical worlds is using one's imagination. Your world can be whatever you make it.

The actors cast...

Rayleon Whipclaw

Jul 22, 2022 by HL Bernabe
A Legend Is Born

Thanks to David Selbert and Pexels for the image.

I hadn't played DnD in years, since my hubby and I usually played the White Wolf system. After he passed away, I missed gaming, and I checked into the local DnD meetup group. I went to a few of those and joined a campaign shortly before the pandemic started.

I played Rayleon Whipclaw, an Aäriadri Tabaxi (a house-cat sized cat-person). She had to be a rogue, of course, and she was a ton of fun to play. Think Puss-n-Boots, with a ginormous cavalier hat, and short cloak. Through my lucky rolls, she constantly dodged death, and saved her teammate's asses repeatedly. Her head got pretty darn big as a...

Legends and Lattes

Jul 15, 2022 by HL Bernabe
Book Review

Hey, all! I wanted to share with you this book I read by Travis Baldree. It's about a half-orc named Viv, who has been a barbarian mercenary for most of her life. She's tired of the killing, and she's very aware that the next adventure could kill her. She's had enough. Viv has a plan for her early retirement, though. She opens a coffee shop in a city that doesn't even know what coffee is.

This book is about her "adventure" in starting up her business when she has absolutely no business no-how. She hires people--a hob, a succubus, and a rattkin--with a few more clues than her, and the entire gang of characters are wonderfully written and interesting....

Cuddle Bug Meli

Cuddle Bug Meli
Jul 08, 2022 by HL Bernabe

This is one of Meli's favorite places to be. She's a happy kitty!

I'm always cold at my desk, even in the summer, so I often have a blanket. Meli likes to burrow under it and snuggle with me. It makes working at my desk a challenge... But it's hard to tell a happy, purring kitty no.

Where's My Breakfast, Lady?

Where's My Breakfast, Lady?
Jul 03, 2022 by HL Bernabe

Tribble staring at me as I prepare for the morning in the kitchen. Apparently, I'm supposed to feed her as soon as I wake up, not twenty-five minutes later. How dare I make her wait!

Cooking Up Magick

Cooking Up Magick
Jun 19, 2022 by HL Bernabe
After many beta readers and about a billion pass-throughs, my book, Cooking Up Magick, is in developmental editing. I eagerly await the feedback, so I can wrangle it into its final form.

Thanks to Pexels and Matheus Bertelli for this image.

What's it about? Well, think Rachel Ray meets The Lord of the Rings. Here's a blurb:

Paisley Dell dreams of traveling the world, meeting new people, and learning how to cook their food. When two friendly dwarfs offer to escort her through orc territory to the dwarven city of Garastrade, the bubbly halfling chef jumps at the chance.

During her travels, she makes new friends, including a mysterious elven ranger, a magickal cat that only talks to her, and a handsome half-orc....

Kitty Corner

Kitty Corner
Jun 19, 2022 by HL Bernabe
Who doesn't love kitties? I have two, and they are furry, loveable, cuddly, sweet little assholes.

This post honors them and how they have worked their way into my book. I have a cat character named Rayleon Whipclaw in Cooking Up Magick, and many of her character quirks come from observing my own cats.

Behold, meet Tribble the Terror. Named such because she was an eight week old fluffy ball of trouble when I brought her and her sister home.

And this is her sister Meli, the Eldritch Horror. So named because as a kitten she was like a bee, buzzing around the room. The photos below are before and after taking growth serum. She makes it very hard...